Tips for dealing with snails

A Massachusetts newspaper has distributed tips on how best to deal with unwanted snails in the garden and greenhouse.

Salem News explained the vermin can be as troublesome as slugs, laying hundreds of eggs each season.

It revealed that the pests can eat their way through almost any variety of plant – damaging fruit, leaves, stems and even bark indiscriminately.

While it may seem like a waste of good ale, garden and greenhouse enthusiasts can get rid of their snail problem by laying out a dish of beer.

The slimy animals are attracted to the liquid, but quickly drown in it.

Another suggestion given by the newspaper is to force the snails to dehydrate and die by sprinkling salt on them.

Those who prefer to protect their plants rather than annihilate the animals could also opt for coffee grounds and crushed egg shells, which can act as jagged barriers to the snails sensitive undersides.

Finally, copper tape or ribbon can cause an unpleasant reaction when it touches the vermins bellies.

Meanwhile New York State newspaper the Daily Mail recently advised gardeners to plant their spring bulbs now.