Tips for attracting butterflies

Horticulturalists looking to introduce herbaceous perennials into their green spaces with a view to attracting butterflies have a range of options at their disposal, it has been claimed.

Sector commentator Neil Wormald makes his comments in the online pages of the Times, suggesting that Hesperis matronalis – or sweet rocket – provides "spikes" of fragrant white, purple and pink flowers in the early summer months.

He adds that Monarda didyma – sweet bergamot – blooms with scarlet flowers between June and September.

Finally, Mr Wormald notes that Sedum spectabile – or ice plant – provides green spaces with pink flowers in late summer and early autumn.

"You could also use herbs such as hyssop, lavender, marjoram and thyme, along with Buddleja davidii," he concludes.

The BBC describes Buddleja davidii plants as "magnets" for butterflies, but notes that they need to be pruned back hard every spring to prevent them from becoming "leggy".