Time to sow turnips approaching

Gardeners looking for a long turnip harvest this year should think about sowing their first crop within the next couple of weeks, it has been advised.

A steady supply of fresh turnips can be ensured by repeating the sowing process once a month until early July, according to gardeningdata.co.uk.

Seeds should be sown around half an inch deep in to light, humus-rich soil in a fairly sunny part of the garden.

Each row should be spaced between nine and 12 inches apart depending on whether it is intended for early crop or main crop.

The rows should be thinned out as the begin to reach maturity, with main crops given around nine inches and early crops given about five.

Within between six and 12 weeks, the turnips will be ready for harvesting and thinnings can be used in salads or steamed to make tasty vegetable treats in the meantime.

The turnip has always been a favourite choice for market gardens and acts as a healthy addition to a hearty stew.