Time to sow tomato seeds

With the UK having all but bid farewell to winter and the last frost with it, now is a good time to think about sowing tomato seeds.

The fruit is fairly easy to grow and can be sown either under glass or directly into a sunny spot in the garden.

With Britains unreliable climate, the best hope of germination comes when seeds are planted in pots and left under glass in the greenhouse or on a windowsill.

They should be sown into a 7.5 cm pot to begin with and transplanted into a 12.5 cm container once the roots start to show through the holes at the bottom.

After placing the seeds in the smaller pots, they should be covered with a small amount of compost and then watered.

However, the soil should never become waterlogged but should always remain slightly moist.

The plants will benefit from weekly doses of tomato feed and should be tied to a cane when they become big enough to do so.

After around seven weeks, the seedlings will be ready to be planted outside either into larger pots or the ground.

UK gardeners can grow a range of fruit and vegetables in their gardens and greenhouses.

Potatoes, peppers, lettuce and turnips are just some of the varieties that can be grown in Britain.