Time to improve, not move for Welsh

Welsh homeowners looking to sell their current property may have given up the ghost after it was announced that almost a fifth (17 per cent) has been wiped off house prices in the past year.

Recent data from Rightmove shows that the average house price in Wales is now just £138,000 – a statistic that is likely to encourage those planning on moving home to look at other options.

Rightmove commercial director Miles Shipside put a positive spin on what are very negative findings.

"The speed with which prices have declined has been worrying, but it does mean we are potentially reaching the bottom of the market sooner," he said.

While homeowners often look to move to a larger property when they feel they require more space, other options include building a glazed extension or lean-to conservatory, both of which can add room and an extra dimension to the home.

An article in the Guardian recently rather ruthlessly stated that stable families are bad for house prices as divorces push up demand for single-person properties.