Time is right to grow Rocket

The season for sowing vegetable seeds is upon us and gardeners looking for a taste of the Mediterranean may wish to try their hand at the relatively simple rocket leaf.

Also known as Eruca sativa or arugula, rocket goes well with Parmesan cheese, pine nuts and pasta, according to waitrose.com.

Seeds should be sown in a straight row around three centimetres apart, with the row no bigger than two metres long.

According to Gardeners World, the seeds should be covered with a small amount of soil and well watered with a watering can with rose head on to avoid disturbing the seeds.

"Flea beetle can be a problem in summer, nibbling holes in rocket leaves," Gardeners World editor Adam Pasco said.

"The best defence is to cover the row with a length of horticultural fleece or a fleece-covered mini tunnel."

Removing large stones and any weeds from the area will also help the plants establish themselves and sowing through spring and summer should ensure supplies last well into autumn.