Time for Autumn Spring Clean

Autumn is popular season for greenhouses to be “spring cleaned” and Gabriel Ash is passing on maintenance tips for those lucky enough to own a beautiful red cedar wood structure.

Dedicated greenhouse gardeners know all about weeding, watering, supporting and pest control when it comes to their plants, but there are also tasks to be done to nurture and cherish your greenhouse.

Cleaning the wood just before winter helps cut down any risks from rotting – though red cedar frames are very robust.

Sponges or rags with warm water are best for cleaning wood,  If you do have to use a mild detergent to clear mucky patches, always wipe afterwards with fresh water.

Make a mental note of any points that need restoring as you wipe the frame. If you do have to do any repairs, it really makes sense to do them before winter.

Fortunately, all Gabriel Ash greenhouses have an aluminium base to protect the area most prone to water damage – the base – but it’s still important to keep a close eye on the wood along the bottom of the frame.

As Gabriel Ash loves its own work, feel free to ring the company for advice or a chat about your Autumn maintenance queries or ideas.

Author: Philip Woods