Tidy up garden debris in March

March is the perfect time of year to clear away waste from the garden which may have accumulated over the winter period.

Online horticultural resource UK Gardening explains that fallen leaves and other rubbish can provide a home to pesky pests such as snails, slugs, woodlice and vine weevils.

Also, the litter can be a breeding ground for infection and disease.

Horticulturalists are also encouraged to keep an eye on the weather forecast and cover plants that are likely to be damaged by frost with a covering such as a garden fleece or sacking.

Should a frost occur, gardeners are encouraged to try and stay off their lawn until the weather has improved as treading on it in frosty conditions can cause damage to the grass.

Meanwhile, online resource Doctor Greenfingers suggests that March is a good time to divide and re-plant perennial plants such as geraniums, solidago and peonies.