Through wind, hail and snow

Unpredictable weather can play havoc with fruit and veg crops, with weather patterns often dictating how successful a harvest is, but a little ingenuity or a lot of perseverance can help bring a growing season to a satisfying conclusion.

J D Roth and his wife are keen gardeners and had hoped that growing their own crops outdoors could help save on buying fruit and vegetables.

But after changeable weather in their native Canada, with hailstones in April, began to threaten their produce, they feared they might even lose money.

In the end, they managed to turn things around through a lot of effort.

"Were sure to come out ahead financially, but its not only about the money," Roth told The Canadian Press.

"Working in the garden is satisfying for both of us. We would do this even if it cost us money.

"I think theres a real interest in people trying to grow their own food partly because its fun, partly because it tastes good and partly because it saves money."

Many of those who grow their own are now looking towards investing in a greenhouse as insurance against the elements, which could potentially destroy whole crops within a matter of days.