The Winter Greenhouse – What to Grow

The main purpose for your Gabriel Ash greenhouse is that you can grow crops in all seasons especially during the winter when outdoor plant growth is slower and harder due to the cold weather. With your Gabriel Ash greenhouse it is possible to grow nearly all types of plants during this season. Winter greenhouse crops are protected from extreme weather in your Gabriel Ash greenhouse.

Tropical fruits can be grown in winter, however they require extreme heat all year round. In this case, additional heating may be necessary during the winter months. This is an extra cost and is probably the reason why greenhouse fruits are more expensive during and just after winter. See our extensive range of quality greenhouse heaters to provide additional warmth for your greenhouse.

Most leafy and root vegetables will still do well without too much heat as long as proper care is taken. One of the ways to protect most vegetables during the winter is to grow them in containers or raised grow beds. This reduces the transfer of the cold from the ground and helps you move your crops in case of sudden freezing.

Other than containers, some gardeners add extra insulation to their greenhouse to prevent heat loss. Plastic surrounding the soil is one way if doing this, but you could also surround any vents with plastic sheeting to reduce heat loss.

Some of the plants that do very well in the winter greenhouse without costing a fortune include Kale, carrots, radish, lettuce, Swiss chard or any other plants that are not susceptible to frost. A greenhouse winter vegetable garden can keep the cold off the winter hardy crops allowing a plentiful harvest even during the winter.

Whatever your choice of winter crops, you will often need more water than usual. Ensure that your water level does not leave the roots clogged. The right amount of water is just as important in the winter as it is in the other seasons. With proper planning, a winter greenhouse can be a very enjoyable place to spend your spare time and could even become a profitable enterprise for you.

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