The virtues of organic fruit and veg

A South Carolina news provider has been exploring the health virtues of organic food.

Count on 2 News quoted figures from the United States Department of Agriculture which show that the retail organic food market was worth $21.1 billion last year.

It explained that produce grown without chemicals is less likely to lead to cancer or degenerative nervous or reproductive problems.

However, with the products priced higher than those grown by what has become conventional means, HealthBarn USA founder and chief executive Stacey Antine told the news provider that some foods should be bought above others.

She revealed that it is more important to eat organic apples, strawberries, lettuce, peppers, cherries and carrots, as these do not generally have thick removable skins.

Ms Antine noted that fruits such as avocados, oranges and bananas are less likely to be affected by the chemicals used on them, due to their outer layers.

Americans who really want to know what is going into their food while saving cash could follow in the footsteps of first lady Michelle Obama and grow their own food and vegetables in the garden or greenhouse.