The Sinister Graveyard Garden

Gravestones erected in a front garden in Gateshead have been branded “sinister” and “frightening” by neighbours, who are appealing for the headstones removal.

The six gravestones line the driveway of Number 7, Tyne View Place have caused uproar amongst residents of the cul-de-sac, with complaints being raised with local planning authorities.

Local resident Michael Cann, 48 says some inscriptions are particularly unnerving;

“One of them has “Death Garden” or something like that written on it. Everybody in the cul-de-sac is talking about it and to be honest we’re all a bit freaked out.”

Local Baptist Church representative, Lewis Wilson has however refused to condemn the resident’s choice of garden decoration;

“He might think they are very beautiful. Also, if the stones aren’t in memory of anyone, can they really be called gravestones?”

The owner of the curious garden decoration has so far refused to make comment.

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