The Secrets of growing your plants indoors

If you have limited space outdoors, then Gabriel Ash offers a selection of cold frames that are designed to fit smaller gardens.
Cold frames offer extra protection and can be placed inside a conservatory or on a patio. You can also consider growing your plants indoors.
Using containers or plastic bags will enable you to move your plants indoors so that you can extend the growing season. Fruit, herbs and vegetables can all be grown indoors.

Growing your plants indoors can be rewarding, particularly if you choose to grow a selection of interesting plants. Tropical plants or desert type plants such as cacti are an ideal choice for indoor growing, as the warmth of your home will help them to thrive. Opting for tropical plants will also enable you to brighten up your home.

Herbs and vegetables are a great choice for those wishing to enjoy all the benefits of growing their plants indoors. Herbs offer a number of health benefits and are easy to grow.
When grown successfully indoors, herbs also help to compliment a wide range of home-cooked dishes.

If you have limited space indoors, then you could consider growing a small variety of plants on your kitchen counter. The kitchen counter is an ideal place for growing herbs and vegetables, as they will have access to plenty of sunlight. You can even add extra lighting if your plants need it.

Indoor growing offers a wide range of advantages. Not only will your plants be protected from severe weather conditions and pests, there will also be less risk of plant disease. The extra protection that indoor growing offers means that you can grow a variety of attractive plants such as tulips, crocuses and even daffodils indoors. This enables you to enjoy a variety of colourful plants that will keep your home looking bright and lively even during winter. All that is needed is the right amount of care and attention to help your plants thrive.

If you are limited for space indoors and outdoors, then you could consider adding a vinehouse to your home.
Like cold frames, vinehouses are ideal for smaller gardens and enable you to grow a wide selection of plants without taking up too much space.
Cold frames and vinehouses are available in a wide variety of sizes, allowing you to easily find something that suits and fits your garden perfectly.

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