The Queen advertises for a new gardener

The estate has been the Scottish home of the Royal family since it was bought by Queen Victoria way back in 1848 and it covers around 20,000 hectares.

Appearing on the Balmoral website, the Queen is looking for experienced gardeners to supervise the maintenance of all gardens areas at the castle.

“Applicants should be self-motivated, capable of working with minimal supervision and should have good management skills, including personnel management,” the application reads.

Gardeners at the estate are expected to look after the flowerbeds and lawns around the castle, maintain the plants in the greenhouses, provide pot plants and cut flowers for inside and grow vegetables to be used while the Queen visits.

The Queen could also be looking for a new set of chefs after it emerged in the Daily Mail last week her beloved corgi dogs had been fed frozen meat despite the fact that she explicitly stated all food for the dogs must be fresh