The pleasures of building

The initial careful measuring, the digging of the foundations, the mixing of the concrete, the pouring – if you set aside sufficient time for the job and go in with the right mindset, it can be downright therapeutic.  Then as you ‘butter’ the bricks and carefully place them, one on top of another, and you see your creation grow, you can smile to yourself and take pride in your achievement.  The experience can be almost meditative and deeply nourishing to the soul.

The construction of a new garden shed can feel the same.  You remove the packaging and wraps and see the brand new timber.  The fresh, woody aroma reaches your nose and you inhale deeply.  As you knock the nails in, its form takes shape and your chest swells with pride – this is your new-man den or she-den as the case may be.

We humans derive a natural satisfaction with creation and at Gabriel Ash our fitters feel the same.  Whilst we hate to deny you the pleasure of constructing your own greenhouse, the fitters here are so eager that they insist on building it into manageable sections so that it’s easy to assemble once it reaches your home.  Leaving just four easy pieces plus the full length ridge ventilation for you to connect, it means they get the satisfaction and so do you.  And if you feel generous enough to allow them to complete the job, they will come and build it on site for you.

So, if you’re wanting something to build this winter, try helping the children or grandchildren with their Christmas lego or put together a nice rockery in the spring.  Because our fitters are very particular about how they put a Gabriel Ash greenhouse up.