The many features of Gabriel Ash Greenhouses

Gabriel Ash offer a variety of stunning greenhouses that come with a selection of features designed to provide you with everything you need to keep your plants at their best. You can choose from spectacular styles such as the Harlow Carr greenhouse and the Wisley greenhouse, which are not only constructed with the finest quality materials, but also come with cold frames attached the sides, providing you with plenty more room to store your plants and a fantastic set of additional features. The Portico greenhouse is also the perfect choice for those looking for something that offers plenty of fantastic features.

Many styles of greenhouses come with a variety of materials that provide you with everything you need for a top quality structure for your garden. One of the most important features of a greenhouse is the glass panelling, which is designed to provide your plants with plenty of natural sunlight. Some styles of glass panelling are also shatterproof, which provides a safer greenhouse for your garden and a longer lasting structure.

Other fantastic features offered include protection for your plants during extreme weather conditions, such as insulation and damage proof features. Many greenhouses also offer extra space to add shelves or brackets for hanging baskets, offering you plenty of functionality and allowing you to keep your garden looking attractive. Extra shelving is useful for those who need space to store compost bags or watering cans.

Selecting a greenhouse with lots of features not only allows you to provide your plants with everything they need to thrive but also makes your garden look attractive. Greenhouses constructed from cedar wood are particularly appealing, as this type of wood is not only rot resistant, but also releases a wonderful aroma to keep your garden smelling pleasant.

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