The Garden Pest We All Dislike

A recent survey by has found that wasps are the garden pest we love to hate. Whilst bees are currently being lavished with positive PR, their relatives the wasp is very much the subject of negativity when it comes to gardeners.

21% believe the wasp is irritating and serves no real purpose apart from attacking people. One respondent said;

“My children despise wasps…they are very menacing to look at and of course, they can sting -nasty creatures.”

Slugs were next in line with the principle complaint being that they destroyed too many plans whilst serving no purpose;

“It wasn’t for slug pellets, my garden would be destroyed.”

Also featuring high up on the list are daddy long legs, moths, ants, spiders and snails.

Mystifyingly gardeners’ friends such as worms, bees and ladybirds also featured on the list.

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