The floor choice challenge

Choosing a new floor can be a tough decision in any room, but deciding how to floor a new conservatory can prove a real challenge.

Despite the challenge, now is a great time to be choosing a floor and, with technology expanding the possibilities, a floor can really set off a room.

"Flooring is undergoing a design revolution with bold patterns, vibrant colours and innovative textures offering an exciting alternative to the beige background syndrome, which has been its lot for so many years," according to Dixon Handley Marketing.

The marketing company know a thing or two about flooring, having worked with a range of experts.

Ceramic tiles are ideal for conservatories with their ease of cleaning and durability.

Lately, stone-looking tiles have been popular and can create a cool, minimalist look.

A tiled stone-look floor can also be enhanced by a decorative rug, which can provide a simple way of contrasting the solid look of the ceramic tiles with the softness of the rug.