The Eco Primary School

A primary school in Kentish Town, London, famed for turning the car park into a cultivated garden has announced its commitment to placing environmentalism at the heart of the curriculum.

New head teacher, Helen Connor, has prioritised improving the schools existing eco-credentials, by promoting sustainability, seasonal produce and how to eat healthily.

“Ultimately, we are teaching the leaders of tomorrow. Many children we teach will be teachers, some will be politicians, and some will work on markets, so if the message can get out there, it can only have a big impact.”

Pupils have been working on small gardening plots growing strawberries, lettuce, courgettes, watercress and a wide variety of salad leaves.

The school recently won a silver award from the Food for Life Partnership, a network of English schools and communities, for its healthy lunch menu, and promotion of sustainable lifestyles. The Eco Primary School