The changing of the gardens

The Economist newspaper has been commenting on how gardens and gardeners are becoming more environmentally friendly.

It suggests that, as the worlds climate changes, gardeners will have to become more environmentally and horticulturally aware.

This will mean that, as the world heats up due to global warming, the type of plants grown in UK gardens is likely to change.

Plants like the olive tree and potted citrus are becoming more popular in the UK and the Economist suggests that gardens are likely to continue to change for two reasons.

"First, warmer weather will transform the gardeners palette," it says.

"And secondly, gardeners may realise that they can be greener by changing what they grow."

It suggests that the in-things for gardens at the moment are tree ferns, cycads, bamboo, ornamental grasses and Japanese maple, but asks the question of what will change in the future.

As the warmer weather begins to affect British gardens, gardeners will likely start to grow drought resistant plants or install environmentally friendly watering systems to help cope with the change.