The Best Small Wooden Greenhouses Available Today

A small greenhouse provides people with limited space in their garden with the perfect growing solution. Greenhouses come in many sizes and forms, but traditionalists and those with a passion for natural materials will love wooden greenhouses that blend into the outdoor environment.

There is a stunning collection of small wooden greenhouses available to buy today. Get your growing off to a quick start with a beautiful wooden greenhouse delivered to your door.

The following greenhouses are beautifully designed, made from quality wood, are durable and strong and are endorsed by the Royal Horticultural Society. Expertly handcrafted using the best materials available, these small wooden greenhouses are of exceptional quality and will provide you with long-lasting pleasure.

All greenhouses listed below come with ridge ventilation stretching the full length, that responds to climatic changes with the assistance of automatic openers. This feature puts these wooden greenhouses a step above the competition.

The Six

The Best Small Wooden Greenhouses Available Today

The classic ‘Six” greenhouse is a small wooden structure made of cedar and is very popular with those who have limited space or are just starting out in the gardening world. Measuring six by eight feet, every greenhouse is made to order and lengths can be increased in increments of two feet. In traditional style, the frame is constructed with tenon and mortice joints. The entire frame and interior staging are made from a premium grade of Western Red Cedar.

The Baby Lean-To

The Best Small Wooden Greenhouses Available Today

The small lean-to greenhouse is made from ash and measures just over six feet by four feet and is eight feet high, although this can be increased in increments of two feet. This small lean-to is perfect for those with a small city garden or who want a working greenhouse on a small scale. It should fit comfortably against most courtyard walls. You can choose at which end you want the door, and shelving and staging can also be ordered.

The Baby Vinehouse

The Best Small Wooden Greenhouses Available Today

This small wooden greenhouse is designed to be narrow and compact to fit into spaces such as the alley between your home and your neighbours. At only four feet wide, this greenhouse can still accommodate a side of shelving and benching and can be made to any length you require.

The Grand Cold Frame

The Best Small Wooden Greenhouses Available Today

This is the biggest frame available, and it has two lids. Measuring three feet by five and a half feet, this cold frame is perfect for growing a wide variety of plants that you may have only previously associated with growing in a greenhouse. It can be used all year round for over-wintering tender shrubs and hardening off various plants in the spring. In the summer months, you can grow a range of salad plants or vegetables. The cold frame is constructed out of Western Red Cedar and has lids glazed with toughened safety glass. These lids can be propped up at different heights or removed completely. The aluminium plinth underneath prevents the cedar framework from coming into contact with the ground.

No matter what type of wooden greenhouse you want for your garden, you will find the perfect solution in the Six, the Baby Lean-To, the Baby Vinehouse and the Grand Coldframe ranges. These attractive and high-quality small wooden greenhouses will complement any garden or outdoor space.