The Best iPhone Gardening Apps

Some people believe that gardening should be a purely natural experience, and will be horrified to find out that there are gardening aids for your Smartphone. The reality is that in the twenty first century, many people simply don’t have the time, or inclination to experiment in the garden. People want to get it right first time. Here are a few apps to help you on your way;

Gardening Toolkit – Offering smart advice, fertilising and watering tips, the app also has a database of thousands of plants.

Garden Tracker – Create a virtual map of your garden, enabling you to optimise your garden space. The app also allows you to create notes and reminders.

Vegetable Garden Guides – Full of gardening hints and tips, this app also contains charts and planning tips

Gardenate – Really helpful for those who are concerned with vegetable and herb growing, offering useful tips, and suggestions based on your location and climate.

iVeggieGarden – Allows you to plan your garden, or even multiple gardens, providing growing info, harvest tips and soil ph readings.

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