The benefits of using Red Cedar when building a greenhouse

Gabriel Ash’s greenhouses are constructed using Red Cedar, which offers many benefits. The properties of Red Cedar make it superior to other types of wood when it comes to greenhouse construction. Here are some of the benefits of using Red Cedar wood when building a greenhouse:

  • Rot resistant. Red Cedar contains natural oils that help to prevent it from decaying. As a result, greenhouses constructed from Red Cedar wood will require much less maintenance than greenhouses constructed from other types of wood to keep it in good condition and it will last much longer, providing you with a greenhouse that still looks good in years to come.
  • Repels insects. The natural oils contained in Red Cedar helps to keep insects at bay, which will protect your greenhouse and your plants. The oils also release a pleasant aroma and are also often available in sachets to help keep clothes fresh and protected from moths.
  • Provides sufficient insulation. Red Cedar is an ideal material for structures such as greenhouses as it retains heat. This makes it more beneficial than other materials such as plastic or aluminium. A Red Cedar greenhouse will provide good insulation in winter, which will help to keep your plants protected and will reduce the need for extra heating.
  • Provides a cool greenhouse during summer. In addition to insulating a greenhouse in winter, Red Cedar also keeps the structure cool during the warmer months. This means that greenhouses constructed from Red Cedar help to provide your plants with exactly what they need in order to grow and develop.
  • Ages well. In addition to being rot resistant, Red Cedar greenhouses also age well, which means that little or no maintenance will be required to keep your greenhouse looking good. As your greenhouse ages, the wood will transform into a silvery grey colour that will still look attractive.
  • Enhances your garden. With its aesthetically pleasing appearance and long-lasting properties, there is no doubt that a Red Cedar greenhouse will help to improve the look of your garden. The wood provides a beautiful structure that looks even more attractive when filled with a selection of plants and will help to compliment any garden.
  • Is used for smaller structures. Even if you have a small garden, you can still enjoy the benefits of Red Cedar, as it is also used in the construction of smaller structures such as cold frames. Cold frames are the perfect choice for those wishing to opt for something that saves space in the garden whilst still providing plenty of room to grow a selection of plants.  

By adding a Red Cedar greenhouse to your garden, you can make the most of all the benefits that it has to offer and enjoy your gardening hobby all year round. Western Red Cedar greenhouses are available in a variety of sizes and can also be constructed to your liking, so you can easily be provided with something that suits your needs and compliments the rest of your garden perfectly.


Alan Jackson

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