The benefits of choosing a Gabriel Ash lean to greenhouse

Gabriel Ash offers a range of lean to greenhouses that are ideal for small gardens. These spectacular lean to designs offer style and convenience and the many sizes available mean that you are sure to find something that fits your garden perfectly. Lean to greenhouses are the perfect option for those who do not have enough space for a larger structure but need just the right amount of space to accommodate a selection of beautiful plants.

Lean to greenhouses are the perfect choice for those looking for a more affordable option. Having a greenhouse attached to your wall will make it much easier to care for your plants, particularly if you are close to a water supply.

Although lean to greenhouses offer less space than larger designs, you still have the freedom of transforming your lean to greenhouse into an extra living area if you wish. There are slightly larger designs available for those wishing to have a greenhouse and conservatory rolled into one. You can transform your lean to greenhouse into the perfect place to relax in the summer whilst surrounded by your own plants.

Opting for a lean to design will allow you to save money, as choosing a larger design will mean that you have to spend more on materials. Attached greenhouses are much more simple and easy to use, providing you with convenience and a stylish structure for your home and garden. A smaller design will require less maintenance and will provide you with more space in your garden to add other items. If you need a little extra space to grow your plants, then you could consider a set of cold frames. These will not only accommodate a selection of plants but also add style to your garden and will look great when placed alongside your lean to design.

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