The Attic Greenhouse

A couple in Toronto, Canada have redesigned their home to incorporate a greenhouse in place of the attic.

Gardening enthusiasts Stephen Young and Roseanne berry were getting sick of racoons raiding their garden for the habanero peppers and tomatoes, and so decided to take the unusual step of converting their unused attic space into a greenhouse.

Now fully opened, the attic is now twice its original size, with a sliding wall of thermal glass doors for energy efficiency, a large skylight and the ten foot wall remodelled into the glass enclosure, the attic is now bright and airy. Irrigation lines and automatic roof louvers have helped create optimal growing conditions.

Although this involved cutting the house open and exposing it to the elements for a few months, the couple plan to reap the rewards of their endeavours, growing lettuce and other fresh toppings for their meals.

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