The 12 month Garden. Colour all year round

Adding a selection of colourful plants to your garden will keep it looking bright and attractive all year round.
There are a selection of plants to choose from that will keep your garden looking at its best, even during the duller months.
Gabriel Ash offers a selection of accessories to help those that are planning to grow a selection of colourful plants to keep their greenhouse and garden at their best.
Snowdrops are a popular choice of plant for the winter or beginning of the year, as they can withstand cooler temperatures and harsh weather conditions. Snowdrops grow best when planted in groups and need moist soil with plenty of humus. They will need to be planted away from neighbouring plants to prevent smothering and prefer shade.
Carefully selecting your bulbs will enable you to fill your garden with colour throughout the year. Tulips and daffodils will keep your garden bright during spring, along with crocuses and hyacinths. Plant these from October to December so that you can be provided with a colourful garden in time for the spring season.
Fritillaria Crown Imperials are good spring bulbs and require good-quality fertile soil.

Lilies are a popular plant for summer and are available in many different varieties. They can be planted in mid to late April and will provide your garden with plenty of beautiful colours and scents.
Geraniums are also a popular summer plant and thrive when planted in well-drained soil with partial sun, semi-shade and regular water.

To keep your garden colourful during fall, select autumn crocuses and snowdrops. You can also consider growing chrysanthemums, which are suitable for indoor growing.
If you have a greenhouse, then you can experiment with a selection of plants all year round. As well as adding colourful plants to your greenhouse, you can also grow your own fruit and vegetables.
Melons, peppers, tomatoes and cucumbers can be grown throughout the year and will not only provide you with fresh, healthy fruit and vegetables but also with plenty of colour for your garden or greenhouse.

When growing a variety of plants throughout the year, always make sure that you are aware of their requirements so that you can increase your chances of growing them successfully. Research their needs beforehand so that you can plant them in the right conditions, as different plants will only thrive when placed in certain areas.

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