The 10 Most Common Gardening Questions Answered

If you are looking for some good ideas for your garden or want to know the best practical advice, we have all the answers covered.

Where can I obtain inspiration?

It is always helpful to see what other gardeners are doing to obtain inspiration for your own outdoor space. Public gardens are a good place to start, as are reading the gardening sections of the weekend papers, investing in a well-reviewed gardening book and looking on social media – Pinterest has lots of useful boards.

How can I make the best use of space?

It does not matter what size your garden is – if you have a well-thought-out design, you will have a space you can enjoy all year. Research the right plants and furniture for the space you have to ensure it does not feel too cluttered.

How regularly should plants be watered?

This will depend on the type of plants and the kind of soil. The best method to use is to check how dry the soil is, as this will prevent under- or over-watering.

Should I use plant food?

Regularly feeding plants, especially those in containers, will help them to grow and look healthier. It is best to do this every four to five days. Ensure the soil is moist; otherwise, you could cause damage.

Will cheaper plants die sooner?

As long as plants are healthy-looking when you buy them and you look after them correctly, it should not matter where you buy them from or how much they cost.

What plants are best for pots?

Most plants can be grown in pots to give colour to any size of outdoor space. Even if the weather turns cold, you can bring them inside or put them in the shed or basement over the winter.

What is the best way to remove weeds?

Weeds are a big problem in the garden and it is best to remove them altogether rather than simply digging them out as they appear. Successful methods include removing flowers straightaway to stop the seeds spreading, and applying a non-persistent weed killer.

What type of soil do I have?

The type of soil in your garden, how well water drains away and how alkaline or acidic it is all affect plants and how successfully they can be grown.

What can I grow in a shaded garden?

Even if your garden is always in the shade, there are lots of varieties you can grow, including bedding plants such as busy lizzies, fuchsias, lobelias and begonias. You can also have hydrangea and rhododendron shrubs, with snowdrops doing well in shaded areas.

How can I create a fragranced garden?

Fragranced gardens give you a beautiful-smelling space in which to relax. There are lots of flowers you can add to create this, such as roses, lavender, lilies, and rhododendron luteum.