Thanet Earth greenhouse to supply all year round

A huge greenhouse made of glass will be supplying local produce to Kent with the conditions under the glass able to provide an extended growing season.

The Thanet Earth site will stretch across 220 acres of Kent to provide cucumbers and peppers in a continuous growing season from February to October.

Meanwhile, being grown under glass, the tomato crop will be harvested every day of the year.

About 80 football pitches worth of greenhouse will be constructed by the time the project is finished.

A total of 1.3 million plants will be grown in the complex of seven greenhouses and it will be watered by its own reservoir.

The glass houses will be heated by power stations on site and they will also generate enough power to supply half of nearby Thanet.

According to reports in the Guardian, the UKs crop of salad vegetables will increase by 15 per cent.