Textbook gardening can not always be followed

Individuals may have to look outside of the textbook and come up with their own forms of repair work to ensure their garden is coming along the way they had hoped, it has been stated.

Writing for Get Wokingham, Linda Fort highlights that unexpected complications always arise when trying to get a garden looking right and she has experienced her own problems in trying to run a vine along a fence after the recent snowfall in the UK.

Ms Fort comments that she has seen the correct way to carry out this task, but due to a lack of the appropriate tools, she was unable to follow this approach.

However, thanks to the central supporting pins remaining in place, she was able to rectify the problem without the need to cut any of the wire down.

Ms Fort explains: "As it was I could cut the wire to length then return to the other side and feed the long waving end through the central loop, then return to the far side, catch it and secure it.

"No textbook ever described that method and nor should it."

She added that the best part of the process is that she can now see the early signs of her handy work ahead of the upcoming spring season.

Among the reasons why gardeners may choose to run climbing vines on their land is because of the height, colour or texture they add, particularly over a fence or trellis.