Texas garden and greenhouse advice

A Texas website has given local garden and greenhouse enthusiasts a number of tips to use in the coming weeks.

The Vindicator explained that the month of May is the time to allow the foliage of spring-flowering bulbs – which should be beginning to fade – to mature, before removing them.

It is also a great idea to trim your shrubs now before buds are set for next years blossom.

The online resource added that gardeners should step up their watering activities, ensuring that they give the ground a thorough soak each time they get the hose out.

Meanwhile, warm-season annuals can be planted now, while roses should be fertilised every four to six weeks.

Those who want to welcome wildlife to their green space this year should also think about planting some heat-tolerant butterfly-attracting plants.

The website suggested that salvia, verbena and lantana might be good options for growers looking to create a natural haven for the winged insects.

Meanwhile, the North Central Illinois News Tribune has reported on a new horticulture book called Grocery Gardening.