Teaching the kids to grow food

Plant lovers hoping to pass on their garden and greenhouse knowledge to their kids have been given a new way to do so.

A company has developed a product it believes will help introduce groups of children to the concept of cultivating their own food.

Getting kids together for a themed occasion can be a fun way of getting them interested in growing – an ideal that led urban-allotments.com to come up with the Potting Party pack.

It allows youngsters to decorate their own pot, before planting a vegetable, fruit or herb of their choice.

The packs include stickers, compost, pots, baby plants and a range of advice on keeping the food healthy.

Company spokesperson Sarah Kent explained: "Theyre the ultimate green party and hopefully by enjoying the party children will get interested in growing their own and start thinking about where food comes from."

The idea is to awaken kids interest in learning about garden and greenhouse growing, while having fun.

Meanwhile, it recently emerged an area in the grounds of Buckingham Palace has been set aside for growing food.