Teach kids garden and greenhouse techniques for safety

Horticulture enthusiasts have been given tips on how to make their garden and greenhouse safer for kids.

An article in the Examiner suggested the first rule should be educating youngsters about how to behave there.

It suggests procuring some tools they are able to use to get them involved with what you are growing – so the child can learn through experience and being shown how to act.

"You can put them to work pulling out tiny weeds, or even bigger ones depending on their strength," the article reads. "They will enjoy this, and you will have less weeding to do on your own."

Kids can also be taught how to water plants properly and grow their own plants, which should help them learn to respect what is being cultivated in the garden and greenhouse.

The article suggests teaching the child proper techniques can help build a bond between you and will help both your offspring and your plants develop.

Meanwhile, British-based Garden Organic recently suggested both parents and schools should come together to encourage youngsters to learn about organic and sustainable horticulture.