Taxpayers Foot Cameron’s Gardening Bill

Recent data released by the cabinet office has shown that maintenance costs for the Prime Minister’s private garden approached nearly 50k in 2011-12.

The half acre garden, which has been used to entertain US President Barack Obama to strengthen Britain and the US’ “special relationship”, as well as launching the current coalition with Nick Clegg, had its maintenance costs revealed as part of a wider release of parliamentary expenses.

In the year 2011-12 the garden cost taxpayers £47,321, however, before we get too excited about kicking the current government, MP’s revealed that the previous government had actually agreed the fees in the final year of Labour rule. Costs have fallen from £56,027 under Gordon Brown.

The gardens may be a lovely addition to Downing Street, but I’m sure we will all agree that this kind of money could be better spent on community gardening schemes or parks.

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