Taunton gardener wins greenhouse prize

One Somerset gardener has been celebrating over the weekend having won a bumper crop of gardening goodies.

Brenda Eveleigh entered a prize draw to win a shed-load of gardening goodies when joining a club card scheme at a garden and pet centre near Taunton, the Burnham and Highbridge Weekly News reports.

"We won all sorts of things including compost, gravel, a mini greenhouse, plants and seeds," she told the publication.

Mini greenhouses can be useful for gardeners with limited space, or for those just beginning to catch the horticultural habit but not yet in need of a full-sized glasshouse.

Meanwhile, Aarons Home and Garden reports that the likes of mini greenhouses and similar constructions, can provide a valuable tool in educating children about how to care for the environment.

And Humeseeds adds that cold frames can provide an effective means of extending the growing season of a whole range of plants, meaning that certain salad varieties can continue to be harvested into the winter months.