Tatton Park Show Garden 2017

This year has been one of our most exciting seasons as we unveil our very first show garden at the RHS Tatton Park Flower Show… Last year we contributed to young designer Lilly Gomm’s show garden by donating a coldframe to her stunning design. This year we’ve dove in feet first as she heads up the design of the whole garden featuring our RHS Portico greenhouse.

The Design

Lilly’s concept has centred around the copious layers of lush textures and colours that can be seen from all areas of the garden, symbolising the fantastic diversity of plantlife that can be grown in greenhouses.

The beautiful water feature offers an area of reflection where a gardener may go to relax and take in the wonderous display around them.

The Build Up

Our partners Urban Landscapes have done a fantastic job on the groundworks; providing all the hardscaping and paving work, the team work tirelessly to bring the area up to spec ready for the Gabriel Ash structure and bespoke decking, as well as the beautiful planting of Pitts and Lilly…

Week 1


Our media expert Mark Spencer has been on site since day 1 documenting the gardens progress…

Week 2


Once the team got around the snagging issues the garden starts coming together beautifully and Lilly’s vision takes shape quickly.. Excitement is building rapidly as we approach Press Day to find out the judges thoughts on the garden…

Press Day

The big day finally arrives and everyone’s hard work can be appreciated… As we take in the tranquil and harmonious setting accented beautifully by the morning sunlight, it’s hard to remember the chaotic rough and tumble of the build up mere days ago…

The Results

2.30pm and the team are painstakingly awaiting news… The judges are making their way around the winners and the tension is palpable among the show crew, and equally back at HQ, as the office staff wait to hear the results…

Finally they make their way towards the Gabriel Ash Garden. We gather around for a better view of the card that’s clutched by the judge who isn’t giving anything away.. They step back.. We’ve placed.. It’s Silver!

Thrilled doesn’t come close to describing the mood among the staff and partners… Watching the collaboration between the design and manufacturing come into fruition and be recognised by such an esteemed organisation. ELATED!!

With one more accolade to go for we can but wait to see if the Gabriel Ash Garden can win out for the People’s Choice Award… To cast your vote, simply follow the link below and register your support, it only takes a few seconds and would mean the world to our team… But for now, time to sit back, reflect, and start planning next years entry!

Vote for the Gabriel Ash Greenhouse Garden here – RHS Peoples Choice Awards