Tatton Park Gardens to make podcast

Garden and greenhouse aficionados will soon be able to get tips from one of the countrys renowned horticultural attractions via their laptop, iPod or other online device.

Tatton Park Gardens has struck a deal with The Garden Channel that will see manager Sam Youd regularly film podcasts that will be broadcast online, the Knutsford Guardian revealed.

Trial videos proved popular, with more than 1,100 hits in the first 72 hours of the initial video being uploaded.

It covered tips on pruning acers and winter tasks for the garden and greenhouse.

Viewers can expect to get some advice on pruning wisterias, forcing rhubarb and making hardwood cuttings in the second video.

Mr Youd explained that he quickly got the hang of making podcasts after being approached by The Gardening Channel.

"One real advantage for people tuning in is the immediacy of the footage – its been great to be able to film one day and see the footage the next and Simon [Tetlow – a garden team leader -] and I are really enjoying working with the Garden Channel," he told the newspaper.

Tatton Park receives more than 750,000 visitors every year and is set on a historic estate featuring a mansion, the gardens, a farm and a 1,000-acre deer park.