Taking the kitsch out of kitchen

As homeowners increasingly look to improve rather than move, given the current climate in the housing market, sector commentator Lucy Alexander looks at the fast-paced world of kitchen trends.

Writing in the online pages of the Times, she notes that it is the widely-held belief of estate agents that kitchens and bathrooms are the spaces that benefit most from improvements.

In news that may be of interest to people thinking of investing in a kitchen extension, she notes that must-have gadgets in such spaces now include temperature-controlled wine coolers, as well as ice-makers and coffee machines.

Sector commentator John Stefanidis also suggests that a separate dining room is also a benefit, noting that it allows homeowners to decide whether they dine in a formal or more relaxed environment.

Meanwhile, online resource 999Today noted in recent days that kitchens are among the best spaces for people refurbishing a home to invest money.