Take time when deciding to remove tree from garden

Individuals wanting to remove a tree from their gardens have been told not to rush into any decisions about how to tackle the task.

Writing for Get Reading, Linda Fort noted that she recently had the problem of dealing with a dying Ceanothus and agonised about the best way of bringing it down.

After days of mulling it over, she eventually decided to visit a hardware shop to buy a new lopping saw, which had a good grip.

"I started to saw and the new blade zipped through the wood like a bread knife through butter. No snagging, no sticking, no difficulty whatsoever," Ms Fort highlighted through the news provider.

"After about an hour, I had not only cut down the remainder of the tree, but cut the whole lot up and put it in the boot of my car. Some well applied thinking time had eventually made the job easier and less expensive."

Ms Fort also considered hiring a powered alligator saw to complete the job.

The exact tree that Ms Fort disposed of was a Ceanothus arboreus Trewithen Blue, which has a dark green foliage in all seasons.