Take care over DIY this holiday weekend

The holiday weekend is always a popular time to attempt home improvements, but an insurance provider has warned homeowners to take care when reaching for the toolbox.

Over a third (38 per cent) of Brits are set to spend more time at home doing DIY projects this bank holiday, according to research by AA insurance.

However, one in ten plans will backfire, with the cost likely to be more than £100, the study found.

Although a DIY disaster while painting or wallpapering could prove costly, the repercussions of botching a conservatory construction project could be even more so.

Company spokesman Simon Douglas explained there is always an increase in claims after jobs go wrong on holiday weekends.

However, more than half of claimants find they are not covered as they have not paid for accidental damage protection.

"Budding DIY-ers should check their cover before they get that tool box out," he advised. "If necessary, accidental damage can be added to your policy."

A recent HSBC study found building a conservatory can typically add more than £7,000 to the value of a home.