Take baby steps when starting out growing

Gardening enthusiasts should start growing their produce on a small scale to begin with, it has been suggested.

Sector commentator Joy Larkcom makes her comments in the Guardian and Observers horticultural guide, noting that what at first seems like a daunting task will gradually become much easier.

"Never despair. Something will always succeed – a bad year for pumpkins will be a good year for peas," she adds.

Ms Larkcom recommends that it is worth putting as much effort as possible into working organic matter into soil and that it may be beneficial to make compost or get a worm bin to improve the earths quality.

Concluding, she suggests that gardeners keep a close eye on their flora and take action if it ever looks to be suffering.

In related news, industry commentator Dean Pearson recently wrote in the Observer that horticultural enthusiasts can learn a great deal about their plants likes and dislikes from the behaviour their flora exhibits, such as self-seeding to different areas of the garden.