Sustainability centre wins award

A builders merchant has won an award for its Sustainability Building Centre which allows builders, tradesmen and architects to see how the latest sustainable building techniques and materials are utilised first-hand and in one place.

Wolseley UK won the award for Best Sustainable Construction Project at the edie Environmental Awards, according to Builders Merchants Journal.

The UK and much of the world has become increasingly focused on the benefits of sustainable building and practices and the centre has struck a chord with judges.

Described as a "great concept to teach the industry how to do sustainable construction at the same time as selling the products", the project is a testament to just how important sustainable building has become in the 21st century.

Conservatories that use glass and aluminium can help a home be more eco-friendly in that both materials can be recycled and, if done correctly can help the property attract and retain heat.

The Wolseley centre in Leamington Spa cost £3.2 million to construct and gives builders access to information on around 7,000 sustainable products, with around 170 of the actual products being on display.

Glass has become a bastion of sustainable building recently. Leeds Metropolitan University is set to open its new Rose Bowl building in 2009, complete with rainwater harvesting and natural lighting throughout.