Sussex gardeners urged to keep shears away from hedges

Gardeners in West Sussex have been urged to keep their shears kept in their shed in order to protect nesting birds.

A spokesperson for the RSPB said that cutting into hedges could disturb nesting birds and their young.

“A dry day and an unruly hedge can be enough to tempt even reluctant gardeners to get the shears out,” the spokesperson said.  

“However, the RSPB is urging residents of West Sussex not to be tempted into cutting their hedges too soon, as they may disturb nesting birds and their young.

“Warmer and drier August weather means people are more likely to get out and tackle any overgrown hedges.

“But, the RSPB recommends avoiding cutting hedges from March to late August in order to allow nesting garden birds to breed safely.

“It’s especially important this year as the wet and cold weather in the early part of the year may mean that some species have bred later than normal and are still using their nests and feeding their young”