Survey shows variation in allotment rents

A survey carried out by the University of Leicester has shown a variation in allotment rents across the UK. The survey showed that plot holders in Surrey are paying more than 50 times as much for their plot as plot holders in Derbyshire.
Researchers questioned 216 councils over England over water charges, rents, tenancy agreements and discounts. The survey showed that rents have gone up by an average of 21% in the past three years and showed that the waiting list for allotments stood at 86,787. The figure for waiting lists in 2010 was 94,124.

The survey also showed that the most expensive location to rent an allotment was Runnymede, Berkshire, with an increase from 34p per square metre in 2008 to 55p per square metre in 2011. Results also showed that allotment rentals in Cannock Chase stood at £108.92 per plot, more than double the previous amount.

Wyre Borough Council was revealed to have the longest waiting list for plots and researchers also found that many councils have shut down their waiting lists, leaving people that want an allotment with little chance of getting one.