Survey reveals top British gardens

A new survey from TripAdvisor has revealed the top British gardens to visit in the coming months as the seasons change.

The Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew, London, tops the list as the best in the UK, offering such experiences as a treetop walk, the palm house, carnivorous plants and the biggest compost heap on the planet.

The gardens are a contender for best in the world as well as the UK and are visited by 1.5 million every year.

From one capital to another, and Edinburghs Royal Botanic Gardens takes second place on the list, offering 70 acres of tranquillity just beyond the centre of the Scottish city.

Third place was awarded to Groombridge Place & Enchanted Forest in Tunbridge Wells in Kent which offers 300-year-old gardens updated for the 21st century whilst maintaining a strong sense of tradition.

Security will doubtless be kept tight over the autumn months as robberies and vandalism in gardens have increased in recent months.

Research from revealed recently that over a million homes in Britain have had items stolen from their gardens, including some public gardens where thieves often target scrap meta