Surprise conservatory visitor

A nurse was recently surprised to see a young meerkat peering through her conservatory window, shivering in the frosty morning air.

Luring the animal into the warmth of the conservatory, Jackie Morgan and her husband Keith had to persevere with local zoos and the RSPCA as the initial reaction was that they must be joking.

After finally convincing Chester Zoo, experts arrived to take Monica into quarantine before she was returned to her owners.

"I got out of bed and went down for breakfast and spotted this thing," Mrs Morgan told the Daily Post.

"At first I thought it was a squirrel. I couldnt believe my eyes.

"We put some nuts out for it so it came in and we captured it in a box. I think its only a baby."

The meerkat ended up staying in the conservatory with the Morgans, sitting on their laps and following them around.

Meanwhile, a couple recently invited UKTV Style show Gutted! into their home with the intention of raising money to give their conservatory a makeover.