Support gardening clubs, growers urged

Garden and greenhouse growers have been urged to support their local clubs after it was suggested they could be in danger of disappearing.

The Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) warned the UKs botany clubs face a "bleak future" due to the recession.

A survey by the body found 83 per cent of clubs have members over the age of 55, with 72 per cent of these retired.

It also found more than half of the 2,800 organisations affiliated to it are struggling to recruit new members, despite a resurgence in interest of late.

The RHS hopes to battle the negative trend by encouraging youngsters to join with older enthusiasts for a series of Dig Together Days.

It held one on Tuesday (September 1st) at St James Park and two more will follow this weekend across the nation.

"We know from our Britain in Bloom campaign that gardening is a powerful catalyst for change in communities, bringing neighbours together and enriching the quality of life," stated RHS director general Inga Grimsey.

Meanwhile, the body is to host the Wisley Flower Show from September 11th to 13th.