Summer danger for garden lovers

Following the recent report from Halifax Home Insurance, which showed a 63 per cent increase in garden thefts last summer, another insurance provider has warned gardeners about the risk of criminals

Saga Home Insurance carried out a study which found that January, March, June and July are the months that tend to have the highest rate of garden crime.

The average claim for a yard theft is £378 – marginally less than those made following a flood (£391) or a storm (£387).

While there is no sure fire way to stop garden-related crime, Saga suggests that marking valuables such as pots, barbeques and tools with an ultraviolet waterproof pen may help police recover stolen goods.

Ensuring that sheds, greenhouses or conservatories are all secure is also advisable and the provider proposes homeowners check for any repairs that might need done after the winter.

This Sunday sees the clocks change, signalling the start of British summertime.