Summer an ideal time for a garden makeover

Summer is the perfect time for a garden makeover, according to online news source, The Derbyshire Times. The article offered advice to gardeners in an article on its website.

The news source offered tips on how to transform the garden, advising gardeners to focus on areas such as courtyards, fences and hedges.

“There’s nothing worse than dilapidated fences, so repair or replace broken ones. If you’re starting from scratch, fence panels are the quickest option because each panel covers a large area, but closeboard fencing, where you build up the fence with single vertical boards, is more durable and bespoke,” the site said.

The site added: “Fences can, of course, be softened with plants, but if you think that only a hedge will do, look for shrubs that grow fast, such as (notoriously vigorous) leylandii, or go for a ready-made hedge (available by the metre), which is a really costly but instant option.

“Hedges are better windbreaks than a solid barrier, although not as secure if you have kids and/or pets. Hedges also filter noise from roads/neighbours, provide natural beauty, encourage wildlife, increase security (if prickly) and tend to be longer lasting and more weather resistant than fences.”