Summer a good time to carry out greenhouse maintenance

Gardeners should consider carrying out greenhouse maintenance during the summer, one news source has advised. In an article on its website, Shropshire Star said that summer is the best time for greenhouse maintenance, as pots can be moved outside to enable gardeners to easily move around inside.

The news source also advised gardeners to “take advantage of dry days” by replacing any broken panes on their greenhouse.

Other tips included using a hose and long-handled soft brush to clean the greenhouse roof, cleaning out debris from guttering and checking wooden frames for signs of rot.

The news source also advised gardeners on how to tackle greenhouse pests during summer.

“The resting stages of pests, especially the non-feeding adult females of red spider mites, can be hit hard by washing down,” the site said.

“Allow the greenhouse to dry before moving the plants back in and check vents, lubricate hinges and adjust automatic vent openers.

“Remember that all the usual greenhouse pests will remain active and breed rapidly in warm weather. Biological controls are very effective in the greenhouse, but be careful not to destroy them with insecticides.”