Sulphur dust will no longer be approved as a plant protection product

Starting from New Year’s Eve 2011, gardeners will no longer be able to use sulphur dusts for plant protection. The dusts, which are known as “Flowers of Sulphur”, will no longer be an approved plant protection product.
Sulphur dust is used as a fungicide to protect corms, tubers and bulbs from storage rot. It is also used to prevent powdery mildew on fruit, vegetables and flowing plants as well as treatment for staging, seed trays or boxes, where mould may occur.

The Royal Horticultural Society confirmed that sulphur dust will no longer be approved of for use as a plant protection product in the New Year.

Those that use sulphur dust will be able to continue to use and stock it until 31st December 2011, after which it will be only be able to be used as a plant nutrient and soil acidifier.

The product will still be available under the name “Flowers of Sulphur”, but not as a fungicide.